Your Privacy is important to us

Respecting your privacy is one of the utmost priorities at JOBBING. Therefore we would like to inform you about the key aspects of how we process your personal data so that you can decide how to manage them. See the complete version of Jobbing´s Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy by clicking on this link.

What's the purpose of my personal data processing?
Once you have created your profile, our algorithm will link your information with the job vacancies of the main technological centres of the country. By doing so, we help you to save an enormous amount of time looking for job offers and first interviews.

With whom is my data shared?
We will only share your data with those companies, where you have confirmed that you are interested in being proposed by us as a candidate.

What kind of information will be shared?
All the information that you can visualize on your private area on the "Profile" tab.


How long do you keep my personal data?
Your personal profile data shall be kept as long as your Jobbing account stays active. You can cancel it any time from the website, going to your Personal Area, Configuration, by selecting “Close Account”.

Where is my personal data kept?
The servers used by Jobbing are located in Paris. We are very serious about security matters and therefore use a Firewall and encrypt the information.

Whom can I contact if I have any concerns or questions about my personal data processing?
You can contact us any time, sending an email to or calling us at 0034- We will do our best to address your query without delay.