If you are a candidate

If I am not an engineer, can I also sign up in Jobbing?
Of course! Jobbing specializes in technical profiles and most of the profiles that sign up have technical studies, but if you have developed your professional career in the technical field having carried out different studies, we can also offer you interesting positions.

How can I manage my anonymity?
If you choose a public profile, the Jobbing company users will be able to see all your answers. If you choose an anonymous profile, then only your profile information will be shared in those positions where you apply to them.

What information can the companies see on my profile?
All the information in your Profile section that you can see when you log in to Jobbing. There you can modify and add technologies, as well as the years of experience of each of them. You can also add your language level.

What is a fast application offer?
When the candidate applies, a notice comes directly to the hiring company with all the candidate's information. If the offer is not connected, we also notify the company, but the company must connect that position to receive the detail of the profile that has applied on it.

Does it have a cost?
For the candidate it is completely free

What innovation does Jobbing bring compared to other jobboards?
We crawl the entire web to identify most technology positions. Through a single digital interview and our predictive algorithm, we make a personalized selection for each of our users.

In which countries does Jobbing operate?
At the moment only in Spain.

If you are a contracting company

How many offers can I post?
As many as you want. The published offers will appear only in the dashboards of the candidates who have a high percentage of matching with the requirements defined for the vacancy.

Does it have a cost?
Posting offers is free. The creation of matching candidates by offer is also free. Pay only for those positions where you see high percentages of matching in the selected candidates. The detail of the rates can be consulted in the Company section or we can make a commercial presentation without obligation.

What kind of profiles can I find on Jobbing?
Jobbing is specialized in technical profiles in any field of engineering. From a SW Developer, to a Mechanical Designer or a Project Manager.

What information do I get from the candidates?
First, a matching % is calculated based on the variables that define the process. For each candidate, the detail of the matching % for each variable can be displayed. The variables we use are: Experience, Role, Technologies, Location, Sector, Languages, Salary expectations… among others. For those candidates who give their consent, you can also access all the details of the answers they have provided in the digital interview. The answers to the interviews are divided into five blocks: Knowledge and Experience, Professional Expectations, Availability and Privacy preferences, Personal Data and Additional Notes.

How do I access the information of the candidates?
Once you connect the vacancy or vacancies that interest you, you will have access to the details of the profiles that have been registered on our platform and that the algorithm has matched according to the defined requirements. Candidates can register in two ways: public profile, in which the candidate's information is visible to all Jobbing company users. Or, on the other hand, as an anonymous profile, which will only show his or her information when the candidate applies to a published vacancy.

How are candidates notified that a new vacancy has been posted?
All candidates with a high percentage of matching will see the notice of the new position published in their weekly report. The company dashboard also has a Connect button to send emails to those candidates that the hiring company wishes. In this way, candidates receive a notification message that their profile has been selected for this hiring process and they are invited to apply to confirm their interest.

What innovation does Jobbing bring compared to other jobboards?
It makes it easy for you to connect with profiles with high potential to fit your technology vacancies with minimal effort. Jobbing covers the recruitment and screening of profiles through a single initial digital interview to post the vacancy.